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by Laura Wiemeyer-Keita


So where did  the name The Annex come from?

There’s a story behind the name!

The elementary school I was at from 1st-3rd grade, had the original annex. The Annex was an extension of the school and served kids with special needs. I loved going over there and being with the other kids, and I loved that our school encouraged the interaction.

I have no idea how I remember some of this stuff, but I was taken with a young man with black hair, black horn rimmed glasses, and black Chuck Taylor’s. We’re talking 1976 here. How popular could that have been? He was way ahead of his time. I’m most certain his name was Victor. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. 

While my Annex will look and feel very different , the spirit of what I learned there has never left me and I’m carrying it forward into this new project. 

The new spa space is an extension of the Studio 4 Salon, yet a completely different vibe. With the spirit of the first Annex as my guide, our spa encompasses some of my earliest memories and my love for people, and is a place of healing, respite, inclusion, diversity, love, compassion, support, and also joy! 

We look forward to seeing you in The Annex!


L K & Grey




Laura Wiemeyer-Keita

The  "LK" in LK & Grey

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(707) 575-9199

​As owner of The Annex by LK & Grey and of Studio 4 (hair salon next door), Laura is here to make sure that everything about your visit is perfect. Your decision to visit us is a choice that we deeply appreciate. Laura constantly strives to deliver the best services and products available in the

Santa Rosa area.​

Upon earning her license in 1989, Laura decided to specialize in haircolor. With a great mentor, she found a love for Framesi hair color and  took every class she could get her hands on. After working with the color line for several years, she decided to pursue her love of teaching and worked with Framesi for almost ten years. Her experience includes working backstage with models at large shows, teaching in-salon classes, and participating on the Framesi Italian Style Cutting Team.

As a stylist, Laura delivers color and cuts that gives her client the ability to style at home and still look great. And as a business owner, Laura is warm and genuine and takes pride in making all clients comfortable and taken care of.




The Annex Greeter & the "Grey" in LK & Grey

Laura's adorable, furry, right-hand gal. This (non-shedding) poodle mix will greet you with a wagging tail and capture your heart with her sweetness! A rescue from the streets of Mexico, Grey is the true definition of "Who Rescued Who?"

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